Our "Ti Amo" won the silver medal at the Berliner Wine Trophy

12 March 2020

Two medals in a few days! After the silver medal at the Mundus Vini, our "Ti Amo" organic red wine obtained a new success: another silver medal at Berliner Wine Trophy, the largest wine competition in the world and most important German wine tasting.


The number of wines participating in the competition (sponsored by Oiv and Uioe) increases year by year. In 2020, registrations reached 14.000 (in winter and summer editions). Almost 2.000 participants from 40 different countries registered their products during the last edition. Unlike many other wine competitions, at the Berliner Wine Trophy only 30 percent of the wines tasted by the jury receive a medal. This is a confirm that quality is rewarded.

At the end of a four-days blind tasting, the jury, which was composed of expert winemakers, sommeliers, Masters of wine, merchants, journalists and wine producers, decided to give the silver medal to our "Ti Amo", an intense and seductive red wine which once again proves capable of amaze for its unique and romantic label and its full-bodied and persistent taste. The competition was attended by red wines, white wines and sparkling wines.